12-year old ChloeSymone is the youngest Muñoz family member, but what she lacks in age, she makes up for in loads of natural talent, musicality, and creativity. When she's not working on her own projects, Chloe enjoys making cameo appearances in skits and short scenes directed by her big sister, CalahSeina.  ChloeSymone is a Singer/Songwriter, Print Model, Actress, and Dancer studying at Rockwell Dance Academy with famed B-Girl and HipHop Dance Instructor, Honey Rockwell.  She appeared on the Netflix Original Series Stranger Things 3 in 2019.  ChloeSymone has also had an opportunity to work with Speech Thomas (Arrested Development front-man) and his wife Yolanda Thomas at The Victory Spot and celebrated a well-received audition for the 2017 Victory Spot Talent Showcase.  Check out Chloe Symone's Victory Spot Audition Video.  Her most recent booking was as a Recording Artist and Background Vocalist with her latest project "Alphabet Letters In My Soup" featuring the Song and Audio Book by children's author Jennifer Woods. The song and book are now available for purchase on iTunes, Amazon, Audible and directly from Avenue4kids.com . Currently, ChloeSymone is in the studio penning and recording her very first solo project.  Her first single "Bad Vibes" is a heads-up to all negative kids who get joy out of making others feel bad. ChloeSymone's anti-bullying anthem is a positive message for kids and adults alike.  Keep your ears listening out for this little songbird because she's already taken flight. 

Bad Vibes - ChloeSymone prod. keyDeaux
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Written, Produced & Directed

by CalahSeina

with a cameo appearance by ChloeSymone