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This former Beauty Pageant Winner has more up her sleeve than meets the eye.  Beauty is only skin deep for some, but "this" Beauty has the brains and talent to carry the name.  She's a Print Model and National Commercial Actress appearing in the national ad campaign for fitness franchise, Workout Anytime.  Right now, you can catch Beauty on TV, either in her Workout Anytime National Television Commercial or in her regular appearances on Season 1 and Season 2 of BET’s Original Series “American Soul”.  Beauty’s first appearance in a feature film was “The Banker” starring Sam L. Jackson and Anthony Mackie out now on AppleTV. You can also see her in her first Netflix Original Movie “Holidate”.  Beauty appears in Coming 2 America” as a Royal Zamundan, wearing a Ruth Carter original from the 1988 film.  Beauty can also be seen in NatGeo's "Genius Aretha" out now.


Aside from acting, Beauty has traveled abroad as a signed Recording Artist with her 90's Pop Girl Group ROXXI, with Beauty as their lead singer, touring and performing overseas opening for Destiny's Child and 112.  A classically trained Vocal Performance Major at the University of Georgia, Beauty is a proud member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. and is a Vocal Coach, Celebrity Vocal Producer, Songwriter, and an Artist Developer helping to shape the careers of many.  Now Beauty's back in the studio writing songs for herself that she wants to share with the world.  Put on your listening ears; enjoy the sweet sounds of Beauty.   


Smiling Director_edited.jpg
No Stopping - Beauty feat. Nate Billionaire at ICON Studios

Beauty owns and operates Zonum Media Group with her husband, C-Los. In the last 20 years, ZMG has produced stellar stage, television and film productions across the southeast.  ZMG and co-Executive Producer, Akon, just completed filming the TV Pilot Episode for variety show Family Approved coming to television soon.  


In 2021 Beauty helped form Pamoja Connections, Inc., a 501 (c) (3) organization, that formalizes the history of historically Black performance arts and journalism groups founded in 1970 on the campus of the newly desegregated University of Georgia.  Beauty served as President/Executive Director of Pamoja Connections, Inc., where over 50 years of excellence in arts and media clubs, organizations, publications, and courses have enriched the campus, community, and culture of UGA. 

No stranger to production, having been Executive Producer, Assistant Director, Line Producer, Project Manager, Casting Director, Artistic Director, and Writer for Stage Shows and TV Pilots, Beauty is Executive Producer and Director for the dynamic and globally historic Documentary, When The Dogs Left, currently in post-production.  Filmed in 2023 in part at Georgia Public Broadcasting, Athena Studios, and the University of Georgia, the documentary spotlights personal accounts and vivid, emotional experiences from UGA Alumni all across the globe. 

Beauty is now in production as EP and Line Producer on the Podcast/TV Series If You Don't Know Now You Know (IYDKNYK) hosted by C-Los.  Filming kicked off 4th QTR 2023 with production continuing into 2024 showcasing interviews with celebrity guests and top industry professionals across all industries. 

Learn More About the WTDL Film Here       Learn More About the IYDKNYK Podcast/TV Series Here       Read Beauty's Full Bio Here


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Check out Beauty's National Commercial and Print Ad Campaign for fitness franchise, 
Workout Anytime.

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