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This veteran of the entertainment industry has worked with the best of the best in the business including starring on Soul Train early in his entertainment career with his Polydor/Polygram Label band-mates, "Finest Hour" with the legendary Don Cornelius. During his extensive career, C-Los has been instrumental in developing, coaching and training some of the biggest acts to ever be put on the map.  Today, he's taking his wealth of knowledge and pouring it into his family and families across globe with his original family-friendly entertainment brand "FAMILY APPROVED". C-Los is much more than the seasoned triple-threat known to many; he's not only an Actor, Singer/Songwriter, Performer, but he's also an Executive Producer, Writer, Director, Visionary, Show Host, and Show Developer.  Get ready for a paradigm shift because C-Los is in the building.    Read Full Bio

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ZMG presents the very best in family-friendly entertainment with FAMILY APPROVED, a live show made for TV.  FAMILY APPROVED is reminiscent of The Carol Burnett Show and The Flip Wilson Show – completely funny and completely family-friendly, bringing to mind yesteryear when things were simple and TV entertainment was meant for the whole entire family to enjoy. This family-friendly variety show is hosted by an awesome family: The Muñoz Family: C-Los (host), Beauty (co-host), and featuring their talented children: their sensational songwriting and music producing  son, recording artist, keyDeaux, and their delightfully gifted daughters, Seina and Symone. FAMILY APPROVED appeals to a wide audience within a broad age range from 2 to 92, across all ethnicities, classes, and genders.  This TV show demographic is babies to grannies!  All backgrounds and cultures watch and fall in love with the show. The comedic skits have audiences laughing out loud while driving home valuable life lessons. At the end of the day, FAMILY APPROVED promotes excellence in performing arts, creatively entertaining innovation, and at the very heart of it - real live family-friendly entertainment. What better way to entertain? Entertainment delivered personally by the 1st Family of Comedy- The Muñoz Family!  

Meet a few of C-Los' witty, original hilarious characters from FAMILY APPROVED 

The Host
Reggie Knowe
Johnny Mac
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