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"When The Dogs Left" (WTDL) is a documentary currently in post-production Executive Produced and Directed by University of Georgia Alumna, Beauty which tells of a 50 year legacy of entertainment, the arts, and culture at the flagship university of the state of Georgia. Many alumni, some who are now well into their 70’s, credit performing arts and journalism student organization, PAMOJA, with their occupation, career success, and their general sanity while navigating the PWI campus life and faculty of UGA. From award-winning journalists, film-television-music entertainers, to best-selling authors, professors of higher education, international recording artists, public figures, and professionals from all walks of life, this film is a collection of their stories. Filmed in part at Georgia Public BroadcastingAthena Studios, and the University of Georgia, the documentary spotlights  personal accounts and vivid, emotional experiences from UGA Alumni all across the globe. 

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Beauty has interviewed UGA Alumni across multiple industries in this dynamic documentary.  UGA Alums from all over the country have flown into Athens and Atlanta, GA for the opportunity to share their unique and powerful stories.  Connect with several  here to see the impact they're making around the world. 

Cinematographer:  Gamma View Media
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